Pundits, Poets, and Presidents

Coming of age in the 1980’s, I was the poster child for American Evangelicalism at every intersection of its emerging influence, including politics and entertainment. Rush Limbaugh provided my political education and Carman (Carmelo Domenic Licciardello) provided the soundtrack. Both of these iconic figures died within a day of each other in February. Contemporary Christian … Continue reading Pundits, Poets, and Presidents

Me and my Peeps: A poor substitute for the Holy Spirit

In 1953, Russian immigrant Sam Born purchased the Rodda Candy Company and promptly replaced the handcrafted marshmallow chick line with the cold mechanization of mass production to make Peeps. What was once the work of a single candy artisan that involved a twenty-seven-minute process to stylize an individual Peep has now been reduced to a … Continue reading Me and my Peeps: A poor substitute for the Holy Spirit

Is radical change the answer for declining churches?

More observations as to why people aren't attending Church In my last entry on the subject, I detailed some of the responses to the question that I posed on my facebook page. I asked why many of my friends no longer attend church. Generally the responses centered on perceived judgmental attitudes from others. Today I wanted to share … Continue reading Is radical change the answer for declining churches?

Only sacred places.

Wendell Berry beautifully writes in How to be a Poet; Breathe with unconditional breath   the unconditioned air.   Shun electric wire.   Communicate slowly. Live   a three-dimensioned life;   stay away from screens.   Stay away from anything   that obscures the place it is in.   There are no unsacred places;   there are only sacred places   and desecrated places.    The Bible opens with the story of God intentionally planting humanity … Continue reading Only sacred places.