Christmas for Dreamers, Leaders, and Doers.

For most people, the Christmas season evokes two extreme emotions. the warm fuzzy nostalgic notions of a time gone by or the frustrated, frazzled, and otherwise fatigued efforts to capture those romanticized emotions. Pastor Micah Sutton offers a third alternative when it comes to celebrating the Christmas season, in his book Noel: Bringing Your God-Designed … Continue reading Christmas for Dreamers, Leaders, and Doers.

Christians? What are your children learning in that school?

Increasingly, it seems that the angst among some white communities over changing demographics, and resulting cultural power, is escalating. There is a renewed effort, especially in Republican led states to pass legislation to condemn the use of Critical Race Theory under the guise that it may cause students to feel uncomfortable. The need to be … Continue reading Christians? What are your children learning in that school?

“Live Dammit! Live!”

The affable George Constanza of Seinfeld fame once encouraged a balding boyfriend of Elaine’s that in the face of his irreversible receding hairline he should “Live dammit! Live!” Good advice for those of us finding ourselves with terminal male pattern baldness as well as struggling with the meaning of life. Live Dammit! Lately I’ve been contemplating … Continue reading “Live Dammit! Live!”

New wine breaks old bottles

A reflection on Baptists and the Holy Spirit: The Contested History with Holiness-Pentecostal-Charismatic Movements by C. Douglass Weaver. When one thinks of the history of Pentecostalism, it is unlikely that Baptists come immediately to mind. But like all of American history, pulling on any single thread of a story reveals an interwoven tapestry of relationships … Continue reading New wine breaks old bottles