Mentor misadventures/Me and Mark Driscoll.

As well-intentioned Christians, we often make claims about how God speaks to us. There is a plethora of sentimental illustrations that seek to bolster our claims, including but not limited to, beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountains, the galaxy as seen through the lens of the Hubble Space Telescope, babies, puppies, trees, and the ubiquitous “two sets … Continue reading Mentor misadventures/Me and Mark Driscoll.

On the difficulty of opening jars

Margaret Atwood says, “The written word is so much like evidence -like something that can be used against you.” As someone aspiring to trade in words and phrases, I’m increasingly aware of the challenges of finding my authentic voice. I’m fearful at times because I know this kind of honesty demands a price, and attempting … Continue reading On the difficulty of opening jars