A lonely traveler finds fire…

In the frozen world, where ice and snow prevailed,

A traveler wandered alone, his spirit worn and frail.

No fire to warm his bones, no shelter to keep him safe,

He journeyed through a land of war, where factions fought for power and for place

He witnessed battles beyond imagination,

With blades and axes shattering the icy nation

He fought with bravery, but was wounded in the fray,

And stumbled across the terrain, bloodied, struggling, alive to stay

Discovering a hidden valley, he found a village of fire,

The flames burning bright, a beacon of life, a rekindled desire

The villagers nursed him back to health, with kindness and with care,

But offered him fire, only if he would swear their philosophies to share

From the wise woman chief,

He must learn to use the fire, without causing grief

A series of tests he must submit to not a few

Proving he was worthy, to share this fire anew

The first test was simple, two logs to burn,

Quickly or sparingly, he had to guess, he had to learn

He chose the latter, to make the fire last,

To conserve the warmth, the cold to shatter, the frost outcast

The second test was harder, to choose damp or dry kindling,

To keep the fire going, without the warmth dwindling

He chose the damp, using it wisely and more efficiently,

To keep the fire burning, slowly, steady, consistently

The third test was the most challenging of all,

A wooden chest, or dry leaves and twigs, he had to make the call

The chest held treasures, but the leaves would suffice,

So he chose the broken, brittle leaves and twigs, holding to the treasure chest

proving himself wise

The wise woman chief deemed him worthy, to carry the fire,

To share its warmth and spread its desire

He left the village, with the fire in his hand,

To make a difference, in barren, cold and frozen land

He traveled far and wide, to share the fire’s light,

To teach others to care, to use it right

Many followed him, and learned his ways,

Of using fire with wisdom, through long nights and shorter days

Years later, he returned to the village of fire,

To find it prosperous, and its people inspired.

He knew that he had made a difference, with the gift he received,

To care for the fire and use it to lead

The traveler lived his life, with the fire by his side,

To bring warmth and hope to those who were denied, to those who cried

He shared the wisdom, that the wise woman chief taught,

To care for the fire and use it, but not without thought

In the frozen world, the traveler’s legacy lived on,

Of using fire with wisdom, and not wasting its song

He left a mark, on a world that was harsh and cold,

A traveler’s story, that would forever be told

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