With Fire and Ferocity (The Dream Personified)

Clothed with fire and ferocity
Hidden but to a few
I was there to see
A lone Black man stand
 and speak of me

An unpaid debt
An uncashed check
Unrequited faith
And unrelenting death

He spoke of me

To those that looked like him
As this nation continued to sin
And still to this day
in systemic and institutional ways
betrayed I remain

But on that day
he spoke of me

He lifted his voice
the invisible rejoiced
With verse and eloquence
every ancestor stood
against injustice

As he spoke of me

Confronting hateful monuments
and the vast unrelenting seas of slavery’s legacies
to every child who was and is yet to be
he spoke unafraid

He spoke of me

I am the dream
I am equity
I am equality
I am liberty

In Summer’s setting sun
Dr. King wasn’t quite done
He passed me on
To thee

Will you speak of me?

I am equity
I am equality
I am liberty

Dr. King spoke of me
He spoke to thee
He still speaks

All together
With fire and ferocity


We are the dream

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