When Trump runs again. A hymn of lament and resolve.

When Trump runs again

The truth will still not be his friend

MAGA’s will rejoice

Election deniers with amplified voice and vitriol

Will once again answer Trump’s beck and call

Divisions will widen and the poor will bear the brunt

Of the masquerading white nationalist front

When Trump runs again

When Trump runs again

What should be our response?

To the endless nonsensical monstrosities

We shall speak, write, and vote

With resolute intention collectively saying “Nope!”

When Trump runs again

When Trump runs again

Democracy will endangered be

With ghosts of Jan 6th shouting

Liberty, we come for thee!

When Trump runs again

The sacred texts of the Constitution suggest

That this nation cannot long endure

When despots and demagogues are given space to rule

Have we so soon forgot

That freedom like fruit will rot

If not tended by responsibility at the ballot box

So where do you stand across this land

Republican and Democrat we shall all surely lose

If our commitment to character and temperament in leadership continues to snooze

What say you my fellow American?

The slow slide of a decadent tide has already began

Should Donald J. Trump run again.  

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