October Soul

When the leaves turn golden brown

And the sun sets quickly down

When there is a hint of chill in the air

You can be sure winter is near

Like a full harvest moon

My soul is in full view

Lukewarm of heart I drifted away

From a grace that begged me to stay

Just as leaves fall to the ground

The seasons change without a sound

Autumn’s frost seductive and slow

Will soon become winter’s snow

But you can trust God’s warm hand

This is all part of his plan

Flowers will again bloom in your soul

Winter will leave with the cold

If you think winter is the end

Remember spring will come again

Through the years

we’ve come to know

Some things must die

for others to grow

October Soul

Lost and alone

 I want to come back home

Before my heart grows hard and cold

Bring some warmth to an October Soul

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