Dear Mr. Wilson

Dear Mr. Wilson, 

Hello sir!

We have yet to officially meet as you have yet to arrive. Rest assured we are all eagerly anticipating your arrival. I’m one of your grandfathers, emphasis on grand! You’ll understand when we meet each other and I’m sure the admiration will be mutual. Feel free to call me Appa just as your beautiful cousin Harlow does, she’s a sweetheart! I haven’t yet been notified of your full name as your parents are keeping it under wraps. In a world with few surprises, this is a welcomed one. I promise you we’ve been trying to guess your name for nine months now, but whatever it turns out to be, I know it will be wonderful just like you. 

I’ve known your beautiful mother for some time, and have been privileged to have a front row seat to all of her joys and tears through the years. In this world, there seems to be an ample supply of both. Your mother Erin is my daughter, and once she was as small and fragile as you are now. You will have her beauty, a trait that she possesses inwardly and outwardly in abundance, as well as her depth of soul. Erin’s soul is full of treasures that have yet to be discovered, but you, kind sir, have a key that will unlock many of them for all of us to enjoy. It is amazing how life works that way, children unleash capacity for growth in all of us. Your wonderful Dad and Mother will evolve into different people that you will uniquely know and understand in a way that I as Erin’s father never can or will. We will all be better because of this evolution, as will the world. You will experience this growth and evolution in your life as well. It’s ok, grow, change, explore and evolve. Experience life and love it with gusto!

I should counsel you that both your mother and father are strong, and shouldn’t be trifled with on the occasions that precociousness invades your heart. It will because sometimes we do things and have no idea why we do them, a notion strikes us and we act and this is what it means to be human. Your mother and father have had the same experiences that they will often seek to correct in you. This is how the world works, but you should never doubt that they love you very much.

Your mother and father’s strength is of a loving sort, and is soft enough to bend, most especially when your cry beckons. So don’t ever be afraid to share your fears or concerns with either of them, and know that I’m here to listen as well should you ever just want to chat about the nature of things, or of the world, or most especially about yourself. You’ll find that the nature of who you are and how you fit into the order of things will be a chief concern that occupies your mind, you come by this naturally as it is a family trait. I suspect that your father will be helpful in these areas, as he has studied literature which cultivates empathy. Seek after empathy, my grandson, because that is a characteristic severely lacking in the world you are about to enter. We need you and more like you. You are brave, smart and strong, and I know that you will be wise. I’m so proud of you and nothing will ever change how I feel about you. 

Grandson, never forget that you are loved. Your Nonna and I think you are really GRAND, even though we have yet to meet you. I have so much hope for your existence, knowing that the world will be a better place because you are in it. There will be lots of questions as you grow and change, many of which have yet to have a good answer. But perhaps you will be a philosopher and we can think about those things together? Or maybe you’ll be an artist and will paint a beautiful picture of a better world, or an author who will write a story of epic proportions that will cause everyone to pause, reevaluate and move in a more positive direction with their lives? If you happen to be a preacher, teacher, architect, astronaut, farmer, doctor or lawyer, you will be you and you will be great! Whatever you choose to do with your talents is of little consequence to me, because I love you just because you’re you. So dance Mr. Wilson, walk, run, play and change the world as you have already changed mine for the better. 

I love you grandson and can’t wait to make your acquaintance. Here’s to a lifetime of discovery and friendship. You’re going to love this place, I can’t wait for you to get here! 

With much love and anticipation, 


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