Empty hands and palms turned upward. Affirmations for a New Year.

  1. There is nothing that I can do, say, or think, that will make Jesus love me any less or more. He loves me unconditionally. This is the gospel. 
  2. The Bible is a source of wisdom and instruction, but more wisdom than instruction. I take every word seriously as the collective guidance of people throughout history who very much like me were flawed and imperfect, but still loved by God. 
  3. God guides me through these biblical accounts, not in propositions, but in stories that communicate truths. 
  4. God also guides me through the voices and experiences of the people who are in my life. 
  5. I must intentionally read and listen for the Bible or others to have any impact in my life. Much of the time I’m not good at listening, I need to work on this. 
  6. I was lovingly and purposely brought into this world, and I have some responsibility in contributing to make the world a better place.  
  7. I only have some responsibility, not all. These responsibilities include living my life the best I can, taking care of my business, and pursuing growth in ways that won’t intentionally inflict harm on others. When I do inflict harm, either intentionally or unintentionally I must apologize, make amends, and change my behavior.
  8. Everyone here on Earth is struggling to make it. I’m not the most important person here, and I should try to make the experiences of others better by being kind. Sometimes being kind means keeping my mouth shut, other times it involves me speaking truth, encouragement, or love. Most of the time it means taking actions to make the lives of others better. 
  9. Prayer is telling God everything I’m feeling, thinking, and doing. Not because God doesn’t know, but because most of the time I don’t. 
  10. I’m not perfect. Ever. Reference number one on the days that I’m really messing up my life. Also on the days when I’m doing ok, always with “Palms up with empty hands.”

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