For April…

The last time I saw you

You embraced me in love

We were both grieving 

I was comforted

Held tight by your hug  

The last time I saw you

Neither of us knew 

This grasp would be our last 

But sadly, blessedly, none of us can ever know 

until those moments are passed 

Blessedly, because to know would rob us of joy 

in the minutia we share

Time would be marked by fears and tears 

Instead of smiles 

free of cares 

Do we dare? 

Seek some clairvoyance

Some foreknowledge 

Would any of us then live? 

Perseverance would not exist 

in a world absent chance

With such knowledge of the end 

Where to begin? 

Had we known, perhaps we would have talked of such

Or better yet we would have remembered more, 

said less and instead loved much 

May the next time I see you 

Resemble the last time I saw you, yet 


Not in grief 

But in eternal bliss

We will still embrace 

This time 


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