I lived through my son today

Going through an old journal today, I came across this attempt at poetry I wrote at some point in my son’s childhood. Haden is now a great father, loving husband, and a faithful pastor, leading others in worship every week. I couldn’t be more proud of the man he has become. The internets are telling me that today is National Son day, so I thought it appropriate to share.

My scribblings penned sometime in my son’s childhood

I lived through my son today

I played as he played

With a smile on his face

With joy in my heart

I shared in his experience

Right from the start

I lived through my son today

I saw the whole world through his eyes

I shared his soul

With his hands I touched the sky

The world was a witness to the events of this day

The sun was a spectator

When my son I became

I lived through my son today

Haden and my beautiful grand Harlow

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