Happy Birthday Mom!

Dearest Beloved Mother, 

My first memories of you are of sitting on your lap, hearing you sing of Jesus. I would take your hands and clap them together. This was a common occurrence, as you were always singing of our Lord. I remember hearing you pray early in morning before I would wake. Praying, crying out to Jesus, for me, for our family. You always had a heart for our family. And you still do! 

You would put me first, before your needs were met, you would meet my needs. In this way you displayed the gospel to me early on, showing us how God loves me. He loved us so much that Christ died for us. He put our need to be loved and forgiven ahead of His need to live. This is how much He loved us. You showed me the gospel through your actions. You encouraged me to read the Bible and to believe its truth. You encouraged my desires. For this I will always be grateful.

 I remember how you would take me to school early in the morning and we would listen to gospel songs together. We would enjoy a hamburger after church on Wednesday Nights. Moments I will always remember. You bought me clothes. Shirts in the spring, jeans and shoes in the fall. Coats in the winter. You always provided for me. Thank you. Mom, I love you. 

I’m thankful for every moment you have invested in my life. You have always been there for me. In the moments I was angry, you were a soothing voice. In the moments I was hurt, you would hold me as I cried. In the summer we would enjoy time together. Time. What a wonderful gift. I know it seems we have less of it these days. Seems like we spend time like money, all at once and right up front. But I want you to know that not a moment of your time was ever wasted on me. I hope you see it as a good investment that is still paying returns. Thank you for staying married, when it was hard and lonely. Thank you for interceding on my behalf to Dad. Another way you are like Jesus.

My beautiful mother

Now that I’m a parent, I know that children have a way of being sources of disappointment as well as joy. And I’m sure that on more than one occasion I have disappointed you. But I also know that there is no greater thrill than hearing from your children and those you have invested time with, and seeing them do some good in the world. I rejoice over my children doing much good in the world, the same way that I know you rejoice over me and my siblings. As imperfect as we may be at times, we are still your children and your love for us never changes. Thank you.

So please know that any good I accomplish in this world is because of you. Your investment is still paying off. Thank you! Every time you see me preaching or teaching the Bible, investing in students, or most importantly loving my wife and my own kids, all of this is because of you! 

I love you and I hope that your special day is filled with great moments of joy. Time is a precious commodity. And in the moments to come, if you feel like your investments did not serve a purpose, pull out this letter again. Read it aloud, and as you do, pray for me. You will be investing all over again, an investment that will produce eternal returns. 

I love you! Happy Birthday!

Your Son


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