theophany frames

by guest writer Scot Loyd

There’s a critical scene in The Avengers: Age of Ultron when Hawkeye confronts Wanda Maximoff with the reality of their situation: “The city is flying. We are fighting an army of robots, and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes sense, but I’m going back out there because it’s my job…it doesn’t matter what you did or what you were, if you go out there, you fight…If you stay in here you are good…but if you step out that door, you are an Avenger.” Wanda answered the call and kicked some major ass, but lost her twin brother Pietro in the process, who was killed in his efforts to save civilians.

This would not be the last instance of Wanda losing someone she loved. In Infinity War, Wanda lost Vision, a created “synthezoid”, watching as Thanos ripped the mind stone from his…

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