For my sister on her birthday.

What a gem 
She wears a fanny pack filled to the brim 
With what you say? 
That is our subject today 
To explore its contents 
celebrating each along the way

Kim wears this fanny pack on her hip
Secured tightly as not to slip 
It is filled with lovely sights 
And all who come close 
rejoice in its delights 

Zip it open 
slowly to the right
It opens easily 
no need for strength or might 
It is accessible to the weakest and low
All are welcome to partake of the treasure trove

And what a treasure trove! 

Gifts for others appear 
As do words of encouragement and cheer!

And what’s this? What do my eyes behold? 
Gifts finer than the purest gold! 

Unpack them, shall we? 

First – faith in Christ alone. 
A greater grace none can know 
Yet a grace Kim freely shares
With all for whom she lovingly cares
A faith that knows not boundary or wall
It stands like a mighty tower 
powerful and tall

Next – The Joy of salvation abounds
There is plenty to be found
Happy children gather near
From far and wide they appear 
It is the gospel of Christ they gladly hear! 

Then –Love. The greatest of these.
Kim has lots of love
You will see 
But it is not hers to keep
As she received it at another’s feet
Her grandmothers, mother, father, brothers, all contributed some
But from where did most of this love come? 

Did you not know? 
Yes! Fanny Pack Kim is not alone
A hippy named Dave traveled with her back in the day
And together they gave love away

Under trees
And in back yards
In parking lots 
And boulevards 

Dressed as clowns
And with balloons 
This dynamic duo 
Would of the gospel
shout and croon 

But Hippy Dave was too soon called away
God had need of him. To be sure! -we say
But no worries. We will see him again just any day
And you too -we all pray

Yet Fanny Pack Kim
Boldly carries on the mission
To show all children 
God’s gospel vision

Once with a red, but now gray crown
She sits on a throne 
Still turning frowns upside down 

Proclaiming love, she doth decree -forth with!  
Dispensing this through her children 
And her grands 
Thank you, Sarah and Meredith, 


They forever abound 
In this fanny pack that Kim wears around
Just look and you will discover too
That in her fanny pack 
Kim has plenty of gifts for also –You! 

I wrote this in August of 2018

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