Today I heard a gospel message.

Today I heard a gospel message. 
The message gave me hope. 
I thought of the brokenness of our world and how many have lost the ability to cope. 
A divided world filled with vitriol and fear
Lost little girls shedding multiple single solitary tears
Still the gospel gives me hope. 

I heard a gospel message. A life, death, and life again. 
Words of purpose, of power, a gathering
Where sinners are welcomed to attend. 
I heard this gospel message filled with peace and joy
Heralded in every place, proclaimed to every single girl and every single boy 
I heard a gospel message. 

This gospel message was loud and clear
Very different than the noise around me 
It wasn’t difficult to hear 
I saw those around me as they awaked to the song 
This gospel story first revealed all that we had done wrong 
Now aware of our desperate need
we repented 
On our knees submitted
Then permitted to enter in 

The entrance was as wide and open 
As it was narrow and straight 
There were shouts of praise
from all who walked through that golden gate. 

But it was not heaven we entered
Not some Eden suddenly found anew
But rather a Kingdom
In this world but not of it
Wherein we serve as ambassadors of truth. 

I heard a gospel message
Reminded of the great fish
That swallowed Jonah of old 
And of a grace we should not miss 

“Those who cling to worthless idols 
Forsake the love that could be theirs” 
Jonah prayed this in the belly of the beast 
He refused to preach, he would not share
He denied others the gift to eat 
At a fabulous grace filled gospel feast 

The fish would not eat him 
But on the beach vomited 
the prophet would be 
Significant was the sight
yet Jonah still could not completely see 

Few words he proclaimed to the inhabitants there
“Forty days and this city will cease to exist” 
yet when they heard this message 
God’s grace they couldn’t resist 
They repented man and animal alike  
In sackcloth and ash 
God relented and spared them 
For they had seen the light 

But not Jonah 

He prayed once more
Though depressed and alone
God answered and gave him shade 
In the form of a beautiful and lovely gourd 
Yet it was destroyed the next day
The Lord gives and the Lord takes away 

A gospel message I heard today. 
A lesson to be learned for sure. 
For three days Jonah was in the fish 
And for three days Christ, the grave had endured. 

And I should not miss the truth
No matter how my attitude may be out of joint,
Jesus is the savior and that is the point. 

I am the messenger, the servant, and not the man
Only in the gospel of Christ will I stand 
And should God will, I will stand alone 
Rejoicing in the gospel message I have heard

Have you heard this gospel message?

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