Willing to change?

In order to grow, we can’t stay where we are at!

There are moments in our life, when change isn’t an option it is a necessity. As much as we may dislike change, we all understand intuitively that in order to grow, we must be willing to change. The story of the Bible is one that teaches us change. Think of all of the changes that take place in Scripture. In Genesis alone, the chaos is changed to the cosmos, Abram’s name is changed to Abraham, Jacob’s to Israel. Sara becomes a mother after being barren. Joseph’s position changes from a slave to a ruler.

God isn’t interested in maintaining the status quo in our lives. In Exodus after 400 years of slavery the nation of Israel was delivered from bondage, and their story became a series of changes. They were constantly on the move, challenged to go where God wanted them.

Where does God want you to go? What does He want you to accomplish? What changes does His plan for your life require?

When we embrace the changes God desires for our lives, we will discover the blessings of growth. Start changing today, start growing today!