Amazon. She is a beautiful beast.

Amazon. You are a beautiful beast. 

Lessons learned

Promenading from your canopy

Trees that aren’t content with an earthly stint

But stretch high and wide 

Where sun and sky collide 

Amazon. You are a beautiful beast. 

Amazon walking tree

Your indigenous children, strong and lean

Rise to call you blessed indeed

Feet that are wide and sure

Their stride bold and secure 

Amazon mother. You are a beautiful beast. 

Culture old and tried

Simplicity unrefined 

Food of the tree and of the ground

Fish from the river found 

Enough for all to eat

Space for all to have a seat

Welcome guest and stranger alike 

Amazon. Seductress of perplexity’s night

You are a beautiful beast 

In your quiet I found reprise 

In your depths I did sleep 

In your rain I bathed 

Rare was the breeze

But constant was the serenade of teeming topiary 

Your promontories challenged me 

Rigid rocks

lengthy vinery stalks 

Like beautiful long dreadlocks 

Flowing down the back of the jungle queen

 Amazon. You are a beautiful beast 

Underneath your moon lit empyrean

My soul reflects on the last time I’d seen him

River under moon

A glimpse of a former self

Feelings of emotions felt 





All lost in your gentle caress 

I’ll cherish our forbidden kiss

Until I return to take the trip 

Up the river 

 And through your caves 

Navigating your exacting maze 

To experience you once is never enough

No matter how harsh, how sharp, how rough 

Until then I have my memories

 At the very least 

Until I’m held again by Amazon

For she is a beautiful beast

Life is like a River