I’m working on engaging others with more empathy. I understand that often my personality may be off-putting. I’m an INTJ according to the Meyers-Briggs Personality profile. I often appear aloof and “all up” in my head. I read a lot. I’m going to encourage you to read too, preferably the books I’m reading. But if you want me to read something, please convince me to do so.

I have to work at small talk, but will gladly discuss any subject of depth or that I find curious and/or interesting. I find willful ignorance annoying. I notice lots of things others generally do not, this means that I see opportunities and tend to recognize problems before they are problems. But sometimes I’m late to the issue because I’m still working through my own thoughts and feelings. I try to focus on solutions and not just problems. And I’m always hopeful. But I’m not always optimistic. 

So work with me as I work on becoming more vulnerable. I want to be a better human, seeing others as the worthy “end” in and of themselves and not just as a “means” to accomplish my goals. I’m a preacher. A teacher. A life long learner. Join me on this journey, but understand it will require patience. I never randomly post anything. I want you to think. Sometimes I’m doing this because I’m still working out what I believe, and I need your help. Sometimes I do this because I embrace what I post as absolute truth and I will always defend truth wherever I find it. I’ve discovered that my head is exactly the right size for lions’ mouths. And I’ve learned to sleep among them. It comes with the territory.

I will not always reveal my motives or purposes in what I say or write. Discernment will be required of you. Have fun. And it’s ok if you don’t get it right. Sometimes I’m not sure either. I have a preference for people and thoughts outside of what you think is normal. What everyone now refers to as normal was once a radical notion. Respond. Question. But always speak to others as you would like others to speak with you. I am not responsible for people who post words on my page that do not follow that axiom. Those are their words, not mine. Know the difference. 

I will not use this medium to simply record the trivial. Hang in there with me my friends. God wired me this way. I’m just celebrating His gifts. I’m grateful you are along for the ride.